Control your portion size and stop weight gain

“Don’t Super Size Me”… Control your portion size and stop weight gain

Restaurants in Houston have super-sized everything, from drinks to meals. We have developed overeating habits inside and outside our homes. Large meals over-stretch the stomach. Over time, repetitive overeating results in irreversible progressive enlargement of the upper part of the stomach. When this happens you need to eat larger meals to fill your stomach and control your hunger. Larger meals translate into more calories and more weight gain.

How to avoid overeating?

  1. Do not skip breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Eating a healthy and balanced breakfast controls your hunger throughout the day, especially in the evening. Most individuals who skip breakfast in the morning tend to overeat at dinnertime. A heavy meal at dinnertime
  2. Eat slowly. Do not eat while driving or watching TV. Develop the habit of what we call mindful eating. Listen to your body cues for hunger and satiety. Put down your fork between each bite and chew your food very well.
  3. Eat small meals. Do not “super-size” your meals. Try using a smaller plate at home. One serving of cooked meat is the size of your palm. Fill half your plate with non-starchy vegetables like spinach and green beans. Add 2/3 cup of whole grains like brown rice and avoid saturated fat in heavy dressings and sauces.

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