Manga Gastrica en Houston | Gastric Sleeve in Houston

Excess weight leads to many problems that shorten longevity and decrease quality of life. Obesity causes high blood pressure, diabetes, fatty liver, sleep apnea, depression, acid reflux and arthritis. Weight loss surgery and in particular sleeve gastrectomy (Manga gastrica en espanol) is effective, and safe treatment for excess weight. Sleeve gastrectomy is an outpatient, minimally invasive procedure. Surgery is performed through tiny incisions resulting in very little post-operative pain and fast recovery.

At Houston Weight loss Surgery Center, gastric sleeve surgery is the most offered weight loss procedure. Our comprehensive approach to weight loss management and our attention to detail result in high success rate. Our patients do not develop acid reflux after sleeve gastrectomy. We pay special attention to hiatal hernia repair during sleeve surgery to prevent acid reflux from developing after gastric sleeve procedure.

If you struggle with excess weight and obesity related complications like fatty liver and diabetes, give us a call at 832-945-8717. Our bilingual and experienced nurses, bariatric nutritionists, and patient coordinators will help you through your weight loss journey.