The Case for Gastric Sleeve Surgery for Treatment of Diabetes

Sleeve surgery in Houston is the most commonly performed procedure for weight loss. Gastric sleeve surgery is, however, an excellent treatment option for type two diabetes without the long-term complications of gastric bypass. The underlying mechanism of diabetes resolution following gastric sleeve surgery is not fully elucidated. When properly performed, sleeve surgery, accelerates gastric emptying. The loss of the compliant gastric fundus with preservation of the antral pump lead to enhanced gastric emptying. The rapid food transit through the proximal gut changes the interaction between ingested food and intestinal tract leading to altered neuro-hormonal signals that seem to improve blood glucose level. Continue reading “The Case for Gastric Sleeve Surgery for Treatment of Diabetes”

The Clues to the Causative Etiologies of Type 2 Diabetes

The current issue of Surgery for Obesity and Related Diseases is entirely dedicated to the widespread problem of Diabetes. There are 422 million diabetics in the world making Diabetes one of the epidemic diseases of our time. Traditionally, type 2 Diabetes has always been considered a medical problem. Diabetes, however, is most likely a surgical disease. The common association between obesity and type 2 diabetes has long been established. It has been accepted that obesity leads to peripheral insulin resistance which causes a rise in blood glucose levels. This in turns elicits increased insulin secretion. As insulin resistance worsens, hyperglycemia further stimulates insulin secretion leading eventually to pancreatic islet cells burnout and overt diabetes. Continue reading “The Clues to the Causative Etiologies of Type 2 Diabetes”