Comparison of Weight Loss Surgery Methods

Pros and cons of each type of weight loss surgery methods are outlined below. Dr. Darido will be happy to go over these in full detail at your initial consultation.

Gastric Bypass


Lap Band

Duodenal Switch (DS)

Success Rate
High High low High
Average Average Minimal High
Hospital Stay
1 to 2 nights  1 to 2 nights  same day surgery 2 nights
Time off work
2 to 6 weeks 2 to 6 weeks 2 to 6 weeks 2 to 6 weeks
Gut Hormones 
Favorable change Favorable change no change Favorable change
Decreased Decreased Increased Decreased
Foreign Objects
none none silicon band none
Technical Complexity
less technically complex than DS Simpler operation than a bypass Lowest complexity Highest complexity
Leak rate
less than 1% less than 1 % Almost zero 2 to 3%
Reversible Irreversible Reversible Reversible
Vitamin Supplementation
life-long life-long life-long life-long
Long-term complications
Internal Hernia or marginal ulcer Almost none Band erosion or slippage Severe Nutrient and Vitamin defeciencies, ulceration, diarrhea
Overall Complication rate
< 1 % < 1 % < 1 % 2 to 4 %
Diabetes Resolution
Very Effective Very Effective Least Effective Most Effective