Causes of Obesity

Obesity is neither a cosmetic issue nor a psychological problem. It is very important for our patients to understand that obesity is a CHRONIC PROGRESSIVE MEDICAL DISEASE. Our understanding of obesity, energy metabolism and weight control has greatly evolved over the past few years. We now understand that many hormones control body weight and obesity is the result of an imbalance in these complex hormonal systems.

Therefore, obesity is no longer viewed as a consequence of over-eating, self-indulgence or lack of self-control. Rather, obesity is the result of multiple environmental and genetic factors that disrupt a variety of hormonal systems that control body weight and energy metabolism. The disruption of these hormones results in the progressive body fat accumulation.

In the United States, 68% of all adults are overweight. The environment in which we live (Sedentary and stressful lifestyle in addition to a highly processed diet low in fruits, vegetables, legumes, seeds, nuts, and quality proteins) puts us at risk for excessive fat accumulation. Accordingly, overweight individuals are victims of an “obesogenic” environment. Overweight patients are not culprits and should not feel guilty about their weight problem. 

To summarize, obesity does not simply occur because you eat more food. Therefore, the solution to obesity is not as simple as lowering your food intake. Any long-term and effective solution for obesity has to address the underlying cause: Disrupted Hormones. If you are concerned with your weight, please contact us so we can determine the best weight loss solution for you.