Best Sleeve Surgery in Houston

Best Sleeve Surgery in Houston

Not all gastric sleeves are created equal. Therefore, not all gastric sleeves will result in the same amount of optimal weight loss. Gastric sleeve surgery technique is crucial to achieve the best possible weight loss while at the same time avoiding complications like staple line leak and acid reflux development.

Understanding stomach anatomy and physiology as well as acid reflux pathophysiology and most importantly, gastric sleeve surgery mechanism of action is crucial to offering the best sleeve surgery in Houston.

A twisted or narrowed staple line increases the risk of complications and development of acid reflux disease. Most importantly, it hampers accelerated emptying of gastric content, a key factor in weight loss. Similarly, incomplete gastric fundus resection and proper contouring of sleeve gastrectomy results in poor weight loss and acid reflux.

Lastly, neglecting to repair a concomitant hiatal hernia during gastric sleeve surgery results in severe acid and bile reflux symptoms. GERD following sleeve gastrectomy is hard to control with medications. GERD symptoms worsen with time, even after losing your excess weight, due to gastric sleeve migration into the chest. Proper hiatal hernia reliably stops acid reflux and is an important aspect of quality gastric sleeve surgery in Houston.