Gastric Sleeve Revision Surgery in Houston

Gastric Sleeve Revision Surgery Overview

Gastric sleeve surgery is currently the most commonly performed weight loss procedure in Houston, TX. When properly performed, Sleeve surgery results in significant and durable weight loss with minimal short-term and long-term complications. Proper sleeve surgery results in a banana shaped stomach with no twisting, narrowing or retained gastric fundus. The gastric fundus is the upper part of the stomach that stores ingested food, control gastric emptying, and secretes many hormones that affect appetite, hunger and energy metabolism. A retained gastric fundus following a poorly performed sleeve surgery results in poor weight loss and the development of GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease). GERD also known as acid reflux results in heartburn, cough and food regurgitation. New onset GERD following sleeve surgery is a strong indication of a poorly performed gastric sleeve surgery.

When is Gastric Sleeve revision surgery performed?

If you had a gastric sleeve procedure and you are currently experiencing poor weight loss, or any GERD related symptom like chronic cough, heartburn, and food regurgitation please give us a call. Do not treat yourself with over the counter antacid medications. You need to be thoroughly evaluated by a heartburn and weight loss specialist. If you are found to have an incompletely resected gastric sleeve, or a narrowed sleeve lumen, revision surgery may be offered to amend the problem.

How does Gastric Sleeve revision surgery work?

A revision surgery is indicated following gastric sleeve to correct certain anatomic problems that are causing acid reflux related symptoms and poor weight loss. The most common gastric sleeve revision procedure performed at Houston Weight Loss Surgery Center and Houston Heartburn and reflux center is hiatal hernia repair and resection of retained gastric fundus. A hiatal hernia occurs when the upper part of the stomach migrates into the chest through an enlarged opening in the breathing muscle.  This results in significant weakness in the lower esophageal sphincter leading to bothersome acid reflux and bile gastritis following gastric sleeve surgery.

Is Gastric Sleeve revision a good option for me?

Revision surgery is a complicated procedure and many factors are taken into consideration when evaluating a bariatric patient for potential revision surgery. After thorough assessment, Dr. Darido will discuss with you and at length the best treatment options for you. When indicated, a revision sleeve procedure allows you to alleviate your acid reflux and put you back on the right path for weight loss and healthy life.

Who should perform your Sleeve revision surgery?

It is extremely important to choose a knowledgeable weight loss and heartburn doctor to perform your sleeve revision surgery. Why? Poor weight loss and acid reflux go hand in hand most often following incomplete gastric sleeve resection and poor hiatal hernia repair. A specialist in both fields of acid reflux disease and weight loss, like Dr. Darido, is the most qualified doctor to take good care of you.

How much does sleeve surgery cost?

Surgery cost varies depending on your insurance plan. Our insurance and finance specialists are available to answer all your financial questions.

What is my recovery time?

You will usually spend a night or two in the hospital after surgery. It takes around one week before you can go back to work.

Lets get started

If you would like to learn more about sleeve revision surgery, we encourage you to contact our office for a private consultation. During this relaxed and informative session, you will get to meet Dr. Darido and learn if you are a good candidate for revision surgery.