Lap Band Surgery

Adjustable Gastric Band Surgery


Gastric_Band_ImageAdjustable gastric band surgery also known as Lap Band is a weight loss procedure that has failed to provide durable weight loss. It was initially developed as a less invasive alternative to gastric bypass.

How is Lap Band surgery performed?

Adjustable gastric band surgery is performed laparoscopically (through tiny incisions). An inflatable silicon band is placed around the upper stomach creating a small pouch. The assumption was that a small gastric pouch will force a patient to eat less and hence loose weight.

How does adjustable gastric band surgery work?

Here is the problem. Gastric banding doesn’t work in the majority of patients. Unlike Roux-en-Y gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy, lap band surgery is not associated with hormonal changes that promote satiety and boost metabolism. Lap band surgery is purely restrictive resulting in poor long-term weight loss. For this reason, Dr. Darido does not recommend adjustable gastric banding to any of his patients.

Are you over-restricted?

Many gastric band patients suffer from band over-restriction due to aggressive band filling. Over-restriction does not result in durable weight loss. On the contrary, band over-restriction leads to many serious complications. If you have a gastric band and suffer from vomiting, heartburn, food regurgitation, difficulty swallowing, or nighttime cough, you may be over-restricted.

Lets get started

Dr. Darido has an extensive experience dealing with lap band revision surgery. If you have a gastric band and you are not happy with your weight loss results, we would love to help you. Please contact our office for a private one on one consultation.